Get Wild Somewhere

by Jon Lewis Band

Jon Lewis Band is simple... 5 buddies making music as an expression of joy and friendship. Hailing from Rochester, NY, JLB has recorded an impressive 8 studio albums in just under 4 years. With many well-attended local shows and a successful northeast tour under their belt, it is no wonder the band is becoming a go-to for fans of Indie & Roots inspired Rock music.

2018 has been an inspired year for the group. Their upcoming album, “Get Wild Somewhere” will be released in May. JLB recorded the album in Los Angeles in January of 2018. A huge northeast snowstorm grounded flights and almost kept the band from recording at all. But even after losing a considerable portion to delayed transit, JLB recorded the album live as a full band in 1.5 days.

Jon Lewis Band and their upcoming Get Wild Somewhere have a vintage quality about them. The band is at their best with tight solid performances and powerful production. It harkens back to Rock N’ Roll’s heyday. 5 players putting it down live through classic recording gear – the way records used to be made.


“I woke up with the melodies lodged into my psyche and I listened because I wanted to.”

Amy Cavalier

NYS Music


“So many mainstream acts today aim to reinvent the genre–often times favoring decadence over organic musicianship–in an effort to distance themselves from the ordinary; the result can barely be considered indie rock. This exodus of sorts has left a void–a void that Lewis seems to fit perfectly.”

Ronald Walczyk



“The songs are so good that the speedy crunch on the gravel from the guitars doesn't distract, detract, or get in the way of the good time the band promises. The songs are unpredictable and dynamic; they don't telegraph any punches, but everything is linear and makes perfect sense once you hear them”

Frank De Blase

Rochester City Newspaper


Jon Lewis Band is:

Jon Lewis, Dave Drago, Jacob Walsh, Shawn Brogan, Alex Northrup

all songs written by Jon Lewis & Dave Drago

produced by Dave Drago

executive producer Jake Rodenhouse 

recorded at Perfect Sound Frogtown (Los Angeles, California)

engineered by Sean Kellett 

assistant engineer Nick Mac

mixed and mastered by Dave Drago at 1809 Studios (Macedon, NY)