Neumann U87

(2) Neumann KM184

(2) Royer R-101 Ribbon

Mojave MA-201 FET

Advanced Audio CM-47SE

Advanced Audio CM-12SE

(2) Advanced Audio CM-414

(2) Advanced Audio CM-54

Beyerdynamic M201 TG

Vintage AKG SE5E-

Vintage Electro-Voice 635A

Shure SM7b

(4) Shure SM57

(2) Oktava MK-012

(2) Sennheiser MD421

Audix D6


NEVE 8232 - Vintage 32 Channel Console 

Neve 1073 DPX (2 Channel AMS Neve Pre/EQ)

(4) Neve 511

(2) Radial Engineering PreMax

Joe Meek Twin Q

(2) TL Audio VP5051

 Altec Lansing 1591A

Altec Lansing 1606B

(4) Altec Lansing 1684A

1960's Shure M67 

Motion Sound R3-147 

SansAmp RPM

(2) DBX 160XT

Furman LC3 

Symetrix 525c 

Urei 535 

Orban/Parasound 621A



Early 1960's Ludwig Super Classic Drum Set (22”Kick/16” Floor/13”Rack)

1970’s Japanese Red Sparkle Drum Kit (20”Kick/16” Floor/12”Rack)

Gretsch Catalina Birch (22”Kick/14” Floor/12”Rack)

Early 70’s Zildjian 20” Ride

Sabian Hand Hammered - HH 20” New Symphonic - Med. Light

Zildjian A Classic Orchestral 18” Crash

Zildjian A Classic Orchestral 15” Crash

Zildjian A 16” Thin Crash

Early 70’s Zildjian Hi-Hats

Vintage 70's Ludwig Supraphonic Snare (Olive Badge)

Vintage 60's Ludwig Supraphonic Snare (Keystone Badge)

Early 70’s Reuther Steel Snare - 14”x5”

Early 70’s Japanese Winston Wood Snare - 14”x5”

Pearl Export Wood Snare - 14”x5”

22” DDrum Diablo Kick Drum (22”deep)

25 Note Bell Set (Xylephone) 



Vintage Wurlitzer Electric Piano (Tan instructor console with speaker base)

Young Chang PE-121 Ebony Studio Upright Piano

Hammond M3 Organ

Hammond T-212 Tone Wheel Organ

Yamaha CP-20 Keyboard

Wurlitzer MLM

Vintage Casiotone 701 Synthesizer Keyboard

Jaymar Toy Piano

*A $100 fee will be added if you would like a piano fine tuned for your session. This is highly recommended if the piano is a primary instrument in your outfit. Let me know in advance.



Vox AC15-C1 (w/ Greenback Speaker) 1x12 Combo

Fender Twin Reverb 65RI

Roland JC120

Leslie 125 w/ Preamp Pedal

70's Ampeg B15 Bass Amp

Fender Hot Rod Deville

Vox Pathfinder 15R

David Eden ENX260 Nemesis Bass Head

Fender 80's 2x15 Bass cabinet

Acoustic 4x10 Bass Cabinet



2018 D’Angelico Excel DC

2018 D’Angelico Deluxe Atlantic

Fender Starcaster (Modern Player)

70's Japanese Lawsuit SG

Fender Stratocaster

Danelectro DC3

Vintage National Telecaster Guitar

Late 70’s Epiphone Acoustic Guitar

1950's Kay L887 Parlor Acoustic

Italia Rimini 12 String Electric Guitar

Epiphone PR715 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Early 70’s Japanese P-Bass (Lawsuit Era)

Late 60’s Japanese Hofner Bass (Lawsuit Era)

Recording King RG Series Lap Steel





Apple Imac (27", 3.4GHZ i7, 20GB RAM) 

UAD Apollo 16

UAD Apollo 8



Mackie HR824mk2

Yamaha NS-10m

Behringer P16 Cue System with 4 Individual Mix Stations

Sony MDR 7506 Headphones

(2) Audio Technica ATh-M40 Headphones

(3) Status Audio CB1-Headphones

(4) Audio Technica ATH-M30 Headphones

Presonus Central Station + Remote